16695 Gorca Denver Verde Cepillado-Flora Negro


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Spectacular ankle boot with embroidery on the toe and instep and stitching on the shaft. A 7.5 centimeter heel ideal to enhance your beauty. And the sensational combination of vintage green with gloss black that make them unique and very personal.

And, of course, all under the guarantee of Sendra Boots and its centenary GoodYear, which consists of double stitching that increases the durability and comfort of the boot as it adapts to your foot.

A model to look and feel special and different.

  • Returns within 15 days
  • Craft and Spanish manufacture
  • Shipping in 24h-48h

Here are the most important things you should know before buying boots or ankle boots:

1. You should order your usual shoe size, or one size less than your usual sneaker size.

2. Before trying on the boots, make sure you do it on a carpet or soft surface, because if you do it on the floor, they may scratch or stain and you will not be able to change them.

3. If the boots are hard to get into, don't worry, it's normal. You can use the plastic bags that are inside, put a bag on each foot, without removing the sock, and you will see how much better they fit.

If once inside they bother you in the width or instep is perfectly normal, you will see how in a few days they will give way until they fit your foot.

They are 100% cowhide leather boots and Goodyear manufacture; at first they are a little hard but then you'll be delighted with them.

4. When you walk you may notice a certain movement, the heel will rise slightly as you walk, this is normal.

Keep in mind that the boots do not have laces, so as you cannot adjust the instep you may notice that the heel goes up and down, but don't worry, gradually you will get used to this sensation.

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